Religious Activities

by Narendra Sheth


Jain Temple, Detroit, MI  DVD

(2010) “Tirth & Patt”

Bharatiya Temple of Metropolitan,

  Detroit, MI  DVD (2007)

“Temple Expansion”

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Jain Temple, Detroit, MI  (2007)

“A New Dream - Vision 2011"

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Bharatiya Temple of Metropolitan, Detroit, MI  DVD (2008)

“Temple Expansion Annimation”

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  1. *In years 2008/2009, raised thru my Radio show Geetmala over $31,000 for the Bharatiya Temple Expansion Project in Troy, Mich.

  1. *From 2004 thru 2008 he served as a Trustee on the Bharatiya Temple Board of Trustee

  1. *From 2005 thru 2009 served as a Chairperson of the Bharatiya Temple’s Fund Raising Committee

  1. *From 2004 thru 2010 served as a Chairperson of the Cultural Committee, The Bharatiya Temple

  1. *Was actively involved in raising funds for the Temple expansion project promoting the Religion and Culture of India.

  1. *Served on the Board of Directors of Bharatiya Comminty Cultural Center (BCCC) from 2009 to present.